Netcetera Amaze Scientists….

….by proving to be even more spineless than jellyfish.

In an amazingly stupid continuation of the Obi fiasco, Netcetera folded before a defamation allegation against the Quackometer that they (had) hosted. The legal chill notice issued gave no indication of what had actually caused such great offence, and Andy Lewis had refused to take down the page without getting any details of what offence the site had actually caused. After 19 days Netcetera pulled the plug, simply stating they didn’t want to deal with the threat, and citing Terms and Conditions which said they could take down anything whenever they wanted and for whatever reason. Nice one. So now anyone can merely claim to have suffered a slur without having to give any information and a blogger can lose their site. Netcetera…100% jellyfish.

Lots of people have blogged this too – here’s a selection:




Dr Aust


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